About us

Swift Roofing prides itself in always using the highest quality roofing products and in installation practices. Paulino Ornelas, our leader, has life long experience in the roofing industry and enjoys what he does for a living. Helping customers by protecting their homes from the elements by being honest, reliable, and committed is our everyday goal.


Swift Roofing starts with an eight years old Paulino Ornelas who, alongside with his younger brother, José, helped his father, Miguel, a union journeyman roofer, on side jobs every weekend. They became the first clean-up crew, and the boys were super excited with the payment received.

The roofing trio continued with labor, such as siding and exterior work on residential homes. Paulino became more interested in the roofing world and soon became an installer. He learned how to lay felt papers on roofs, starter shingles, and 3-tab shingles by hand nailing. At the age of 15, he was formerly a shingle installer at a family friend’s roofing company. Finally, when he was 18, Paulino joined the commercial roofing industry as an installer with other experienced roofers. He gained professional roofing experience installing hot mop asphalt roofing systems, rubber, TPO roofing systems, shingle roofing systems, and metal roofing systems.

Paulino worked for twelve years in the industry with companies such as Harley Davidson, Rigs and Strantian Buildings, Badger Meter Building, WE Energies building, Rockwell (Allen Bradly) building, and at the two biggest commercial roofing companies in Wisconsin. At that time, he became a member of the roofers union.

The roofing industry needed to evolve

Paulino noticed one problem: the crews installing roofs were all subcontractors. Companies did not have in-house install crews, which made it harder to maintain the same quality standard always. The roofing industry needed to change, to evolve, so he started to work with materials for residential roofing and providing full roof replacement services for homeowners every weekend.


Swift Roofing, a value-based Roofing Company

The honest, reliable, and committed work of Paulino in the roofing industry started to spread. When the work on the weekends started to increase, he made the hardest decision of his life. He left his career as a successful union roofer and started his own company, first named Paul’s Service. After a long learning journey and, with the support of his wife and partner, Elsaris, Paul’s Service finally became Swift Roofing, a roofing company based on bringing values such as honesty, reliability, quality, and commitment in every work done.


The Swift Roofing Guarantee

  1. We are honest .
  2. We are committed.
  3. We are reliable.
  4. We treat our customers home as if it was ours.
  5. We serve clients to their actual needs.
  6. When we see a problem, we know how to solve it.
  7. We do one job at a time.
  8. We never mislead customers.


The Swift Avengers

Swift Roofing now, with the leadership of Paulino and Elsaris, alongside his brother, Rafael, and fully trained roofers, is able to install roofs in one day, thus the name Swift Roofing

The Swift Avengers, as the team is known, is composed by:

Paulino and Elsaris, team leaders
José, Paulino’s brother, a Swift Roofing shingle foreman with 11 years of experience
Rafael, Project Manager
Daniel, Paulino’s nephew
5 hardworking cousins
Ismael, repair & exterior foreman with 16 years of experience
David, trained roofer
Sergio, Trained Roofer
Rene, Trained Installer
Pedro, Trained Installer

Our install team, roofing crew, exterior repair expert team, shingle crew, and repair team do one job at a time to guarantee precision in every work done. 


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