How do I know it is time for a roof replacement?


How to know if your building needs a roof replacement

If your building’s roof begins to have damaged or missing shingles or you note that light comes through the attic or widespread staining, those could be big problems. The roof is the first line of defense and protection against snow, hail, rain, ice, branches, debris and more, so a cheap roof work could cause costly damage. If you see signs that your roof is in need of attention, don’t delay, contact a specialist. Honest, reliable and committed as Swift Roofing.

So, “How do I know it is time for a roof replacement?” Well, keep an eye on these signs your building needs a complete roofing service:

Indoors water damage

If you notice interior water damage, like spots or stains on the ceilings or walls, you should have your roof inspected by professionals. When it is failing to keep the rain and water out, you could have a problem if not addressed quickly.

High heating bills

A shoddy or poorly repaired roof will often cause an increase in heating or cooling costs. Check your bills and assess your roof’s condition.

Moisture stains

Soft, spongy or sagging spots are a sign of an issue with the integrity of your roofing material. It is possible moisture has breached the shingles and caused water damage.

Musty smell

There is a distinctive musty odor associated with water damage; do you smell it in or out of your building? This is a main indicator of moisture.

Loose shingles

Look for loose roofing materials, like loose or missing shingles, to determine if it is time for roof replacement. You may even find shingles or roofing material on the ground from time to time.

Bubbles and blisters

Signs of bubbling and blistering on the roof is also something to watch for; this could mean that the material underneath has been damaged and it is time to have a complete roof replacement.

Blocked gutters

When the roofing drains become clogged, it is usually due to the roof being in disrepair and needing cleaning, maintenance or replacement.

Old roof

Age is another factor to consider when determining the time for roof replacement and restoration. When a roof is 20 years or older, it is a good time to consider roofing replacements and to look out for damage.

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