How much does a roof replacement cost?

roof costs

Various factors can impact on the cost of a roof replacement. Most times you can’t add these to a calculator.

To invest in a new roof doesn’t have to be a headache, it can help you save money from heating or cooling bills and boost the curb appeal of your property.

If you’re wondering “How much does a roof replacement cost?” here you have a list of some key factors that will influence it. Also, we recommend you to book an inspection from professionals like Swift Roofing to have a better estimate.

Roof size

The main indicator of how much a roof replacement will cost. Roof size means the more surface area you must cover, more materials you will require.

Roof square footage

This one is important to calculate, because it is not the same as your roof square footage as your home’s square footage. You have to consider all covered living spaces including garages, walkways, overhangs, lanais and front entryways.

Roof slope

Residential roofs may have steep slopes, low slopes, or a combination of both. So, the sloper the roof, the more expensive the project cost and this is typically due to safety reasons. A very sloped roof might require special equipment for the roofers to use while they work on it.

Waste factor

In general, roofing contractors add somewhere between 10 to 15% to the total roof square footage to account for waste factor, but this may vary depending on roof style or materials.

Roofing materials

The type of roof shingles or materials you want or need to be used, will impact the increase of the final bills. 

Roofing design and shape

The design or architectural style is another important factor to consider if you decide to replace your roof. So, have in mind that the better will look, the cost will increase.

Actual roof condition

Depending on the damaged status of the roof, it will require a partial or complete replacement. So, minor roof damage may not be that expensive, but major roof structural damage is likely to be much costlier.

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