3 Main Tips For Summer Roof Maintenance

Tips For Summer Roof Maintenance - Swift Roofing Wisconsin

When preparing the home and property for summer, don’t overlook your roof; now is the time to talk to a Milwaukee roofing contractor for sound advice related to maintaining your home’s roof and protecting your investment before the extreme temperatures and sudden-storms of summer. 

1. Check and Clean your Gutters

Make sure that you are performing annual gutter maintenance to protect your home from possible water damage this summer. Clogs, blockages, and damaged troughs can derail your gutter system, forcing water to puddle on the roof. This water can then seep into your home’s attic, which is a recipe for mold, mildew, and deterioration. Don’t compromise the structural integrity of your investment – give your gutters a little love before summer.

2. Look for Loose or Broken Shingles

Your shingles are your home’s first line of defense against wind, rain, and the elements. Check your roof for any loose, torn, or broken shingles that could break-free in foul weather, making your home vulnerable. Shabby shingles can result in water damage – which can be costly and inconvenient to resolve.  Furthermore, free-flying shingles in a storm can pose a hazard to neighbors nearby, with the potential of causing property damage; don’t risk it.

3. Keep your Highlights Issues Free

Does your home feature skylights? Take a closer look at your skylights and evaluate the seals that prevent water from seeping-in through your roof. Also, examine the panes to look for cracks, leaks, and potential problems that could wreak havoc in the event of a summer storm.

Contact the Swift Roofing team!

Now is the time to prepare your home – and roof – for the summer ahead. If you want a professional inspection or give maintenance to your roof, look for the experts. Swift Roofing, the top one roofing company in Milwaukee is a trustable professional company when it comes to roofing needs in your home. Let’s get connected!

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