Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer Roofing Tips - Swift Roofing Wisconsin

Summer is the ideal time to check the state of your roof. Summer storms, along with the heat, can damage your roof resulting in leaks that further compromise your roof’s structural integrity. If you want a roofing contractor to inspect your roof, don’t forget to contact Swift Roofing, the top one roofing company in Milwaukee. Check out our 3 roof repair and maintenance tips for summer.

Summer Roofing Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Being proactive about your roof maintenance rather than being reactive, allows you to identify issues before they snowball into expensive repairs. Below are our top 3 summer roof maintenance tips for every homeowner:

1. Check for Roof Damage

Each roof is different and maintenance depends on such issues as the type of roofing material, the age and past maintenance. Addressing roof damage, for metal roofs, you will need to look out for oxidation or rust. When it comes to shingles, broken, warped, and missing shingles are telltale signs of a damaged roof. Using a ladder and slip-resistant shoes, check all areas of your roof and if possible, clean up any debris buildup.

2. Clean Your Gutters And Downspouts

If your gutters and drains are clogged, rain from the summer storms could back up and pool on your roof causing damages. Clean your gutters and downspouts of all sticks, dirt, and debris. While cleaning your gutters, make sure that they are firmly secured to your roof and that they are free of cracks. If they are rusted, you may want to consider replacing them. If you need professional help and you’re wondering “Is there any roofing contractor near me?’”, you can look for Swift Roofing in the Milwaukee area.

3. Check Your Ventilation

Your home’s ventilation plays a key role in protecting your roof in the long haul. Evaluating your home’s cooling bills over the last few months and comparing them to the bills you paid a year prior could help you know whether your ventilation is compromised. If the bills are significantly higher in spite of the lack of changes in your lifestyle, it’s a good idea to call in a professional to assess your home’s ventilation. Check your ventilation!

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If you want a professional inspection or give maintenance to your roof, look for the experts. Swift Roofing, the top one roofing company in Milwaukee is a trustable professional company when it comes to roofing needs in your home. Let’s get connected!

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